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Quote - Bettin Dölken uses her Competences, Empathy, Dynamic Approcach and AUthenticity to successfully enable Training Participants to optimally achieve their Learning Targets in a Motivated Manner.

When asked what makes me stand out as a trainer, consultant and coach, my clients and customers refer to my combination of extensive knowledge of leadership and organisation on the one hand and my intuitive and emphatic skills on the other. All of these factors are accompanied by my solution-oriented approach to my work and my inspiring energy and zest for life.

Client Feedback:

"What has inspired me early on is this unique mixture of power and empathy that Ms. Dölken has displayed during our coaching work. I've already experienced several coaches in different settings; yet Ms. Dölken is the perfect sparring partner for me. With her support I was able to successfully tackle important decision processes."
Dr. Christian Dohmen, coaching client, Head of Corporate Development

"When working on our new corporate strategy and the brand management activities involved in this process, I was able to get to know Ms Dölken as an outstanding consultant and a valuable 'sounding board'. Her excellent organisational understanding and her ability to align suitable employees and a learning organisation enabled her to significantly support our change process. Ms Dölken is also particularly skilled in analysing the specific characteristics of a sector and its respective actors and uses a distinct empathetic approach to adjust them accordingly. Discussing matters with her is simply a great experience!"
Alexander W., Managing Director

"The coaching provided by Bettina Dölken was extremely solution-driven and target-oriented. Ms Dölken created a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere in which I was able to open up and in doing so, learn a great deal about myself. I felt taken seriously at all times and she provided me with important food for thought. I was able to put many of our ideas directly into practice."
A coaching client, HR Change Manager

"Bettina Dölken's high level of competence, empathy and authenticity and her dynamic approach enable her to extremely successfully analyse issues from the individual perspectives of training participants and create an atmosphere in which they can optimally achieve their learning targets in a motivated manner."
Annette Dietz, former Head of Journey Training at Great Place to Work®

Seminar and workshop participants:

"Lively, zappy, inspiring personality with a lot of esprit and verve"

"Great openness and empathy when dealing with conflict"

"Very pleasant, open, dynamic, motivating supportive coach"

"Motivational, consequent, appreciative"

"Very positive attitude, dedicated, inspiring"

"Simply terrific! Right on!!!

"Empathetic and casual"

"Very committed"