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Coaching - Providing Encouragement, Discovering Resources and finding New Ways so that you can Master Challenges and overcome Problems

Make the most of your talents and successfully approach your next stage of development! In my coaching sessions I work with proven tools and processes. My aim is to help you discover your potential, to introduce you to new perspectives and to enable you to take individual responsibility for your own actions and decision-making processes in perfect harmony with your goals and values.

When doing so, I benefit from my positive attitude towards life and the obstacles that it sometimes entails. I view these obstacles as opportunities for further growth and incentives that enable us to make new discoveries and mature as individuals.

My coaching takes place within a confidential framework and I guarantee you full discretion in writing both during the coaching process and after it has been completed. A single coaching session with me normally lasts 90 minutes. When working with groups, I prefer day-long coaching sessions.

How does the coaching process proceed?

I work according to the COACH model developed by Christopher Rauen. This model divides the coaching process up into the following stages:


Come Together / Getting to know each other:

This stage gives you the opportunity to get to know me and how I work over the telephone. During our conversation, we also discuss the budget and time frame of your coaching. This initial conversation is non-binding and free of charge.


Orientation / Describing the problem:

If you decide to work with me as your coach, I give you the time and space to explain your problem to me in detail from your point of view.


Analysis / Analysing the problem:

Using select coaching tools we both analyse your situation.


Change / Finding and devising problem-solving approaches:

I support you in devising ideas for a solution and their implementation.


Harbour / Preparing the implementation of your problem-solving idea:

You check the suitability of your idea(s) for a solution and consider its/their implementation in your day-to-day life (transfer).

The entire coaching process progresses through these five stages, but we can 'return' to previous stages at any time. Each individual session is also held in accordance with this basic framework, meaning that you can take a tangible result home with you after each coaching experience. The coaching sessions can be complemented with training modules so that you can, for example, acquire concrete knowledge or additional skills.

How do I ensure my quality as a coach?
Coaching-Qualität - Ethikstandards des Deutschen Coaching Verband e.V. (DCV) und des Deutschen Bundesverband Coaching e.V. (DBVC)

During my coaching sessions, I fully focus my attention on you as my client. Throughout our time together, I also regularly check how you are feeling about the process and what you need in order to return to your day-to-day life feeling stronger and more confident. I am also bound by the ethical standards of the German Coaching Association (DCV) and the German Federal Association of Executive Coaching (DBVC).


On top of this, I additionally place high value on critically examining my approach to my work on a regular basis and exchanging ideas and experiences with my colleagues by means of intervision and supervision. I am also aware of my limits as a coach. These limits play a role when the self-management abilities of a client are impaired, thus indicating a need for psychotherapeutic support. My network contains a number of experienced therapists to whom I can refer clients, even at short notice.

BD Consulting - Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

What are typical occasions for individual coaching?

I can provide you with my professional support for topics such as:

  • support in the case of an upcoming or recent promotion or a change of job
  • preparing for managerial responsibility for the first time
  • preparing for a placement abroad
  • supporting the acclimatisation of a member of staff from abroad
  • support in the case of change management issues
  • developing management skills
  • career counselling
  • start-up counselling
  • conflict and crisis management
  • self-management / time management
  • improving your social/soft skills
  • optimising self-expression and presence
  • work-life balance

Coaching may also be a sensible option for you if you are considering one of the following questions:

Coaching - Individual Coaching
  • Is my job actually still the right choice for me or do I want to try out something new?
  • I love my job and like to put all my effort into what I do. Nevertheless, both my private life and my health are now suffering as a result. How can I achieve a better work-life balance?
  • As a woman, I have now been asked to take on a managerial function in a field dominated by men. What are critical (success) factors in this position and how can I prepare for them?
  • I need to rapidly decide between two options but keep going back and forth. How can I make a sustainable decision?
  • I've decided to start my own business together with a colleague. What is my role within the team? Which tasks should I deal with myself and which tasks should I delegate? What can I do to make our company successful?

What coaching packages do I offer?

These packages contain a pre-defined series of coaching sessions which  comprehensively address a specific topic. They are ideal for concrete challenges whose handling is critical for on-the-job success.

The Job Application Package

You are a graduate looking for your ideal job or you want to make a career change and need support in doing so:

  • Comprehensive diagnosis of your personality, strengths and weaknesses, interests and professional experience
  • Developing clearly defined targets
  • Optimising your self-expression and presence
  • Simulating job application situations
Das Fit-for-Leadership Package

This package is aimed at junior managers wanting to prepare for their first job with managerial responsibility in the best way possible. I work with you to help you to understand your role, develop your 'natural' management style based on a personality analysis and support you in reflecting on the managerial experience that you have already gained without working in a formal leadership function.

The First-Hundred-Days Package

You are a manager starting in a new position and looking for support when it comes to successfully mastering the essential first 100 days on your new job:

  • Developing clearly defined targets
  • Reflecting on previous job entries
  • Setting priorities for projects and objectives
  • Simulating situations that are critical for on-the-job success
The Intercultural Package

You are soon being sent abroad for an assignment or have recently accepted a job in Germany as a member of staff from abroad and are looking for assistance when it comes to settling into a new culture. As your coach, I help to sharpen your sensitivity towards cultural differences and provide you with concrete support in upcoming situations that are critical for your success.

The Back-to-Work Package

You are a woman who cut back on work or left your job completely in order to care for your family and you now want to return to work. You are not sure how to re-enter the working world, what you have to offer, what the market needs and where you should acquire new skills and abilities. As your coach, I assist you in identifying and outlining your specific strengths and creating a profile that you can use to present yourself in the employment market.

BD Consulting - Team Coaching

Team Coaching

Quote - We need to learn the disciplines that will help cultivate the wisdom of the group and larger social systems - Peter M. Senge

You want to improve cooperation within your team and resolve any underlying conflicts? Or in your department a new project team has been put together and you want to ensure that it is professionally supported in its development? If so, team coaching is your ideal solution since it supports your team over a period of several weeks and helps them to (re)discover how to work effectively.

A good starting point for such an approach is to use the MBTI® (as explained under „Training“) in order to carry out a team diagnosis and to work together with the team to analyse the preferences and inclinations with regard to perception, making decisions and working styles within the group. When used as a team development tool, this personality instrument not only shows participants how to appreciate the perspectives and approaches of their colleagues; it also enables each member of the group to identify their own individual 'blind spots'. These blind spots can lead to irritations and frictions when working as a team.

In my team-coaching sessions, I use both selected coaching tools and exercises from the field of experiential education, which provide the best insight into how a team approaches its work.

In my team-coaching sessions, I use both selected coaching tools and exercises from the field of experiential education, which provide the best insight into how a team approaches its work. During the transfer process, this enables the group to gain a new awareness of how it works as a team and to develop its own commitments and rules.


Facilitated processes focusing on topics such as values, identity or problem solving (combined with creativity techniques) can also be used in team coaching.


Team coaching and team building both use similar interventions and exercises. I differentiate between these two approaches based on one fact alone, namely that team building is (initially) intended to be a onetime measure. With team coaching on the other hand, the participants agree on a pre-defined rough number of coaching sessions or workshops. It is a continuous process of support that aims at helping teams to develop over a certain period of time.


A particularly ideal solution for newly created teams is my...

Team Starter Package

Are you taking over a team as its new team leader and do you want to take a structured approach to this challenge? If so, I can support you in clearly defining the task at hand, clarifying the roles involved, stipulating the 'rules of the game' and coordinating procedures. Alongside team-coaching workshops on the topics specified, I also use a personality instrument.