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Quote - Culture eats Strategy for Breakfest - Peter F. Drucker

Are you asking yourself questions such as:

  • How can I create an environment in which my staff enjoy and are committed to their work?
  • How can I encourage my team to be more open to new approaches and to improve?
  • What measures can I introduce in order to provide my team with more orientation and assistance when needed?
  • How can I make my staff excited about our corporate targets and bring new momentum into the team?
  • How can I successfully establish a foundation of values within my team and encourage my staff to base their work on these values?

I can help you to find answers to these and similar questions that are tailored to suit your individual situation, challenges and team. After all, corporate and management culture plays an essential role and can undermine even the best of strategies if they are not compatible with the values that are practised (and not just postulated) within a company.

When dealing with these challenges, I take the approach of transforming passive recipients into active participants, which means involving the staff affected by a development or decision in the process. Experience shows that this approach leads to a better decision that is supported by all parties concerned because it utilises, balances and combines different perspectives and potentials.

Beratung - Ich denke mich mit großem Engagement hinein in Ihren Kontext und Ihre Herausforderungen und berate Sie ganzheitlich und prozessorientiert

I am highly committed to examining your context and your challenges in order to provide you with holistic and process-oriented support and advice. If you have recently taken over a new division/department, been appointed team leader or experienced changes in the parameters of your business that make you want to shake up team: you can make the most of all of my skills, abilities and experience when it comes to management and organisation. My education and training in business administration and my many years of experience in working at and for companies enable me to understand and empathize with your challenges. As a trained expert for process consulting and support, I facilitate and coach you and your team in order to further develop the organisation.

My range of consulting services:

I work as a sparring partner to provide new input for your management challenges and the change processes that go hand-in-hand with such demands.

In my role as your consultant, I use an analysis of your current situation and your objectives as a basis to develop a concept containing selected processes and measures that enable you the achieve your targets within a clearly defined period of time. As a facilitator and process consultant, I support you in encouraging your team to join you on your journey. I devise and facilitate your meetings, workshops and team development measures (as described in more detail under Teambuilding). Whether you want to encourage the members of your team to let their minds run free in a problem-solving workshop, to breathe new life into your corporate culture, to develop your divisional strategy or to work together with your team to produce an action plan for the implementation of this strategy: I can assist you with my many years of experience in steering group processes. My extensive network of experienced consultants and trainers also enables me to support you in the planning and organisation of large-scale events.